23rd April 2008

Dave Meyer visits from the USA

Visiting black belt Dave Meyer spent time at the Geelong school this past week, while he was here helping me with my new MMA Curriculum video shoot.
Dave has been training and coaching at the highly rated and very successful Fairtex Gym in San Fransisco.
Dave Meyer at the Geelong BJJ class
Here’s a pic of him after the advanced class last Thursday night.

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1st April 2008

Dave Hart’s win over Kayron Gracie …


Dave Hart from Dominance in Melbourne, just finished competing in the PANAMS, where he took the silver in the brown belt division – but not before winning over Kayron Gracie (carlos Gracie Jnr’s son). Here is n excerpt from Dave’s recent e-mail …

“So another day, another grapple….

My division was due to start at 1:20pm and more or less got going on time. I went to check my weight and freaked out because in my clothes, hoodie etc, I was 1kg over! So in panic mode dreading the idea of running a kilo off in 20 or 30 mins with a cold I got changed in to my gi and checked my weight again. 1kg under… I didn’t argue…

So I was called. My first opponent heard of my amazing prowess and decided to run scared instead of facing my wrath. DQ-ed. So straight to round to. This dude pulled half guard on me. Played a very tight game, not really trying to do anything, mostly waiting for me to screw up. I was happy to play it slow and warm up. Got and advantage by flatteningat”him out in half guard with about 20 seconds to go. That was it.

Next was Kayron, Carlos Gracie Jr’s son. Worth noting he is a really nice kid. Only about 20 years old. Don’t recall all the fight. He pulled guard and tried a roll over sweep and switched to armbar when that didn’t work. Slipped out of that, but I believe he got the sweep off it. I just opened up my game, triangle, legbar, toehold again and again. Screwed up at some point defending a pass and went to my knees and stopped for a second he jumped on sinking a hook and taking the lapel and went for the lapel choke hard from back.

Thankfully Fred loves that choke so I was pretty confident I was able to get out. Helping my lapel was in my mouth, lol, tasty. Got out, went to my knees and gongao hard straight away and hit the triangle. It was off to the side but had played around with it on the judo players. Went wrist lock which he didn’t care about, cutting armbar which didn’t seem to really hit, then tightened up the triangle and squeezed.

The end.

Two hours later I had my final. He pulled half guard, and I went straight the leg and didn’t catch it. He was five foot nothing and
roided to the eyeballs. Not much leg to break. So I gave up two points :( Went balls to the wall after him with everything and he got penalised two points for stalling. He pulled half guard again and swept me. The next four minutes was him stalling and me going nuts. Soooo close to sweeping him so many times. But this little roider had mastered his half guard sweep stall to glory game.”

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