16th March 2010

New Black Belt: Richard Sargeant

A highlight of the trip that Dave Meyer and I took to Sydney this weekend was the presentation of the Black Belt to Richard Sargeant. Richard trains with Steve Perceval, and has been an asset to the school from the first day he walked in the door. Not only a superb athlete, Richard is a dedicated and thoughtful instructor; a man whose words and actions are in total congruence.

It was a real pleasure and an honour to be able to present him with his Black Belt, after ten years of dedicated practice.

Congratulations Richard.
John Will 2010
Richard Sargeant BJJ Black Belt

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15th March 2010

2010 BJJ Australasia Championship Sept 11

John has released the date for this years nationals.

The 2010 Will-Machado Asia Pacific Championships
Location: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre
Date: Saturday September 11th 2010
Start: Kids – Teens 9am
Adult Divisions 10am

Special Guest Rigan Machado!
Register online from 30th June 2010

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7th March 2010

Ronin Will in Hospital

For those that haven’t seen John’s blog post:
“Today I stood at the end of my eldest son Ronin’s bed in the intensive care ward of the Geelong hospital. This morning he was stabbed twice through the heart, by someone he knew well, someone he was trying to care for – and at present, his chances of survival are slim. He is in a coma right now – and tomorrow we should know more about whether he will come out of it or not.

I found myself looking at his feet, still blood-stained from the tragic incident … and thoughts bubbled up about the myriad paths we all walk through this dance we call life. Live’s and destinies can change in the blink of an eye – all the more reason we should, each and every one of us, speak our hearts whenever we have the opportunity to do so. Don’t hold back my friends – all we have is today – and even that is uncertain.



* Update 7th March

Fighting back …

After hearing my son Ronin would in all likelyhood, not make it … and that if he did, he would likely suffer extensive brain damage … I couldn’t hold back the tears when an hour or two ago, he woke up – and started telling everyone he needed to get up and take a piss. The wonderful medical staff informed me that his open heart surgery wasn’t the issue – it was the extended period of time that he went without oxygen that was the problem. I was trying not to allow my hopes to lift to high – but failed miserably when he open his eyes and asked ‘dad, is that you?’ … tomorrow we’ll know more. he still has a long way to go – but according to the medical staff in the ICU – his present condition defies all odds. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support ..
much love

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