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Vajramushti The Ancient Vale Tudo of India

When in doubt, Attack

The Formula

The fight dynamic

When to grapple

The either / or multiple option

Chinks in the Armour?

Evolution of Martial Arts


Articles from the new Alpha MMA Program:

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) phenomenon has already changed the landscape of the martial arts industry. But we are really only seeing the first set of ripples rolling into shore; the huge tsunami is still on it’s way and there is simply no stopping it. Like it or not, MMA is profoundly effecting the way the general public is thinking about martial arts and self defence.

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The Mixed Martial Arts wave is not a fad. The proof of this lies in the fact that it has pervaded mainstream society via, fashion clothing, media, even the everyday vernacular. MMA cuts across style boundaries and provides a means of pressure-testing the effectiveness of our training. And as the saying goes – pressure makes diamonds. But let’s take a look at the various ingredients that go to the making of a solid MMA program. If your delivering up these ingredients as separate items, you are playing the role of grocery store; if you’re combining them together professionally, you are playing the role of chef!

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There is no denying the effectiveness and popularity of the MMA wave; however, as new training technologies evolve, so too must the delivery systems for those technologies. The real challenge now, is in how we deliver safe, cutting-edge MMA training to a mainstream audience. How successful we are at achieving this will depend largely on how well designed, streamlined and progressive our program is; and how well we as professional instructors, deliver the training. The goal should be to deliver elite-level training to the mainstream community. Extraordinary results for ordninary people may be the new credo of the decade to come.

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