Alpha MMA Curriculum

The complete Instructor Training Program DVD set
The complete Instructor Training Program reference manual (1500 pics)
The lesson-plan manual for the 24 class rotating curriculum
IPOD or compatible MP4 player video files giving a synopsis of each of the 24 classes
A special Introductory Sample MMA class DVD
A ‘how to use this program’ document

‘Be at the forefront of the biggest paradigm shift in martial arts history …. The Alpha MMA program will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to take your school to the next level’.


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ENGINEERED TO PERFECTION: The Alpha MMA curriculum has been authored by John Will who has also been engaged to design the defensive tactics and unarmed combat training packages for the Australian military, New Zealand police, Quantico marine corps, Australian Sky Marshall’s, Australian federal police and other law enforcement agencies.

CUTTING EDGE: The Alpha MMA program is underpinned by techniques and strategies that are completely new and at the bleeding edge of development.

THREE ARTS – ONE COACH: The Alpha MMA program fully integrates and marries cutting edge stand-up skills, takedown strategies and BJJ-based ground-skills to form a seamless new product. We have transcended the three-separate-coach approach.

COACH-IN-A POCKET: The Alpha MMA program has been designed with the instructor in mind as much as the end-user. Once the instructor team has worked through their development material they then use either the book, the dvd’s or the ipod media to prepare themselves for class delivery.

WE TRAIN THE TRAINER: The Alpha MMA program includes a team-focussed program that fully prepares your instructors before launching your mma classes to the public or to your existing student body.

Investing in the ALPHA MMA program will be one of the most positive experiences you will ever make as a professional martial artist. Not only will the ALPHA MMA program set you apart in the marketplace and significantly raise your earning potential; it will also serve to re-energize and motivate you personally, which at the end of the day, keeps you in touch with the passion and sense of purpose that got you into the martial arts in the first place. And where there is passion, there is longevity. And where there is longevity, there are results!

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