Find out whats been happening at BJJ Australasia schools.

News, events, promotions and seminar happenings from all over Australia, New Zealand and the world.

This is you first port of call for all thats news and events in the Will - Machado family

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Shop for BJJ instructional books and DVDs .

John's books and DVDs are highly sort after throughout the world as a source of information and instruction on the art of BJJ.

But not only that, John has also produced a series of Autobiographical books known a "Rogue Black Belt".

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BJJ Australasia, under the banner of Will / Machado has clubs throughout the world.

Find your nearest club and start your BJJ journey, or plan you OE with clubs throughout Australia and New Zealand.

A full listing of BJJ Australasia clubs and associates throughtout Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world.

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follow John as he travels the BJJ world teaching his unique brand of Martial Arts and life lessons. Catch up on where John is and whats going on in the world of BJJ Australasia. Johns unique and refreshing way of passing on his message will have you thinking about your training and day to day living in a completely new way. >>


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