About Us


Mission Statement:
Our organization represents that specific group of schools, located in the Australasian region who share the common bond of being able to trace their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lineage directly to the Machado brothers, originally of Brazil. Through the efforts of it’s most senior ranks, the organization promotes solidarity among it’s members; maintains quality control of training and teaching standards among it’s members and ensures opportunity for rank-advancement for it’s members.

Membership Fees:
Membership fees are paid by all members at the beginning of each financial year. These fees cover the running and maintenance of the website – bjj.com.au; the regular advertising and promotional campaigns run in Blitz magazine – sundries, such as postage, administrative costs, etc. An annual stipend is also paid to the founder and director of the organization – Mr John Will – on average amounting to 25% of the total of collected fees, provided there are enough funds left over after running costs are met.
There are two levels of membership available for eligible applicants.
- Associate Membership: $200 P/A (minimum requirement: Blue Belt) Web presence only
- Official School Membership: $375 P/A (minimum requirement: Purple Belt)
Printed Media presence as well as web-presence in promotional efforts

School Locations:
Schools may be granted membership provided they have director’s approval and are not located within a 5-kilometre radius of any other member school. Should a membership-applicant or an existing member want to operate between 5-10 kilometres from another member’s school, they would need written authorization from the effected member – or approval from both the relevant State Head and the National Director before doing so. In such a case, the State Head and the National director would confer with the effected member and arrive at a decision. This regulation is in place due to the fact that geographical proximity can mean vastly different things in different locations.
Note: Pre-existing locations/situations as of March 1st 2014 are exempt from this requirement.

Ranking Considerations:
There is an expectation that all members have an ongoing commitment to training and rank advancement. As such, it is expected that they seek out more senior members of our organisation to ensure that these needs are met.

Our organization prides itself on holding to a ‘higher standard’; and member’s conduct should be a reflection of this ideal. Our pursuit of excellence should not only be reflected in our training but in the way we live and operate on the wider martial arts landscape and within the communities we live in.