Pro BJJ Curriculum - Complete Curriculum

Complete Curriculum: The Core and Advanced Curriculum (three DVD's and Manuals I and II) are available for the discounted price of $599

Simply the best, the most complete and well-structured grappling program available!

250 professional Schools in the USA have chosen and are using this product!

This is the program chosen for Chuck Norris’s UFAF organization!!!

The Pro-Coach BJJ Curriculum books and DVDs are a complete, step-by-step system, based in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) with Judo and Wrestling, that will allow you to seamlessly integrate grappling / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques into your school’s program. You will attract more students and keep senior students longer.


Core Curriculum: The core curriculum is Levels 1-3 covered in one DVD and an accompanying oversized manual. The cost is just $299 Aust. For less than $300 your school can offer a solid foundational grappling program for all your students.

Advanced Curriculum: Levels 4-9 are covered in a further two DVD’s and a second oversized manual. This offers a great depth of techniques to last for years of student retention and costs just $400

OR BUY THE COMPLETE CURRICULUM - Both Manuals - Complete DVD’ set - for Super-Discounted price of just $599 

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